My one sided love

Hello today I am going to write about my one sided love so the story begins when I was in 12th class in year 2006. I was going to my coaching classes suddenly I saw a girl in pink top with long skirt I just saw her face and I fall in love with her she is my first I love and maybe I can say that she is my first and last love so this is my first time I saw her after that many times I saw her but I am unable to talk to her because due to some society reasons a boy not permitted to talk with a girl that time. I only can see her on coaching classes and in few days that girl started to smile when i see her after that every time we saw each other we smile. same thing going on for 2 years and I just unable to tell her that how much I love her just because of the society I don’t want to create any problem to her and also for myself I didn’t tell her that how much i love her. I still love her so after the two years I have left my city due to further studies after moving to the new city whenever I return to my home I always want to see her, sometimes I saw her in market and that time my time get freeze. I am just watching her and everything is stopped there she is my true love and I still feel that I should tell my feelings to her but now she get married and she have a baby daughter also but I still love her.

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